Summer Programs useful for college applications

This is an attempt to identify the most useful summer programs that are helpful for your college application.   Most summer programs admit almost all students who are willing to pay the high tuition.  However, a number of competitive-admission summer programs select only the best students based on merit, and are subsidized or even free of charge.

Science & Research Programs

  • Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES)  is an intensive six-week residential academic enrichment program for high school juniors, especially for minority students, who intend to pursue careers in science, engineering and entrepreneurship. The program is free of charge to ca 80 selected participated students.  About 30 percent of all MITES graduates have matriculated at MIT and many go on to other prestigious colleges and universities including Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia.
  • Research Science Institute (RSI) brings together about 80 high school students each summer for six weeks at MIT. This rigorous academic program stresses advanced theory and research in mathematics, the sciences and engineering. Participants attend college-level classes taught by distinguished faculty members and complete hands-on research, which they often then use to enter science competitions. Open to high school juniors, the program is free of charge for those selected.
  • Women’s Technology Program (WTP) is a four-week summer academic and residential experience where 60 female high school students explore engineering through hands-on classes (taught by female MIT graduate students), labs, and team-based projects in the summer after their junior year. Students attend WTP in either Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) or Mechanical Engineering (ME).
  • Summer Science Program is a five-week residential program held at two campuses (one on the campus of Westmont College and one on New Mexico Tech) with 36 students on each campus.  The program is organized around a central project: to determine the orbit of a near-earth asteroid (minor planet) from direct astronomical observations.  In the program,  students can obtain hands-on experience with advanced topics in the physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science through a combination of lectures, guest speakers, field trips, and research work.  Financial aid is available.
  • Clark Scholar Program is an intensive seven week summer  program for highly qualified high school junior or seniors to do research with experienced faulty of Texas Tech university.  The Clark Scholar will receive $750 tax-free stipend in addition to room and board, fun activities, weekly seminar and trips.
  • Garcia Summer Scholars is an intensive seven week program for gifted high school students to design original research with a MRSEC faulty mentor. In the past, the students have consistently won recognition for their research through national competitions (LISEF,NYCSEFNYSSEFISEF), published in refereed journals, been awarded patents.

Math Program

  • Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC) is a four-week program for talents math students from across the United States and around the world.   This program includes an intensive course in higher mathematics and a guided research project related to the course.  Other activities include a series of lecture series,  group problem solving sessions,  social events and outings. The application deadline is March 14 and the tuition is $6000. however,  financial aid is available.

State Governor’s Schools

Each year, about 15-20 states offer Governor’s School programs. Each program has different focus such as academic, arts, or leadership.  The tuition fee is kept as low as possible since the programs are partially funded.  This is a highly competitive program to apply.

Did I miss something, put the one you like in the comments below!

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